Shri Kriplani T. Desai

Vanita Vishram is a century-old non-profit organization whose activities are planned and designed to fulfill the mission of the founders, viz., to ensure upliftment and self-reliance of women in our society. Founded in the year 1907 by Late Smt. Shivgauriben Gajjar and Late Smt. Bajigauriben Munshi, Vanita Vishram has always been striving hard to fulfill the mission and vision of its founders. As an institution for the upliftment of women through education, Vanita Vishram has catered to the educational requirements of women right from the Pre-School Section to the graduate levels. Vanita Vishram, with its unwavering commitment towards women’s empowerment, has 15 institutions in its fold. In addition, the campus has 2 Hostel buildings for girls, with a capacity to accommodate 300 students and a Sports Complex of international standard. I am happy that Vanita Vishram is a name to reckon with in relation to Women’s Empowerment which has become the buzzword in the present-day society where women have carved a niche of their own in the academic and corporate sectors.


At this juncture, I sincerely acknowledge the relentless efforts of the  members of Surat Administrative Committee (SAC), staff of central office, principals and staff of institutions managed by Vanita Vishram and our students for placing the name of Vanita Vishram in the galaxy of renowned academic institutions. Despite all constraints and limitations, Vanita Vishram has never compromised with the quality of education. Success of the activities of any non-profit organization is always the result of the farsighted policies of the Management which are effectively implemented by institutions and supported fully by the disciplined efforts of the students themselves towards self-development and progress.


I am confident that Vanita Vishram has a long way to go in setting numerous benchmarks in the world of academia and it will continue its efforts to achieve many more laurels and maintain highest standards of education.


Shri Kriplani T. Desai


Vanita Vishram