Learning or knowledge is the strongest weapon which is very  useful  for all over development of each and every human being. A child who is nourished and blossomed by learning, can have strength society. So, my noble aim is to create the best school and to keep alive the continuous flow of knowledge to our children. Accroding to me, in creating the best school not only advanced technology is necessary but also the co curriculum activities which support to build and develop the life of every children, are also important. Then only a child can enrich and enhance his/her heart, head and hand. And due to this best co-ordination, a child can develop Healthy Family, School and Society.For giving this kind of the best education, school organizes various kinds of activities, in which teacher’s compact training is chief and important. Moreover, school  has the center of THEATRE IN EDUCATION(TiE) for learning with playing and playing with learning, also the management has a counseling center for solution of any queries and problems of students in free of board exams, for that our school has organized NIOS – National Institution Of Open Schooling. So that  our daughters can choose their favourite subjects and complete their schooling. It is my firm determination to make our daughters self-depended   who  sometimes leave the school for social,financial or family reasons. I hope that we all together give the priority to all these work and move ahead on the way of success together.

Dr. Anisha Mahida