1. Regular attendance is compulsory during working days except genuine reason.
  2. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited if student is caught with it, it must be taken by school authority.
  3. It is compulsory to students to bring daily textbooks, notebook, map book, practical book, graph book, lesson diary with them.
  4. All activities mentioned below are prohibited in school or in class.Unnecessary talking, roaming in corridor, damage done to school property, whistling, speaking or writing bad words etc.
  5. Students will be informed in advance if school timings are changed.
  6. All school related works, study, co-curricular activities, home- work, class-work, practical work, map-work are compulsory for students to complete.
  7. Any type of damage done to school property in any manner is strictly punishable.
  8. Students must behave softly and politely to all school family members.
  9. Students are not allowed to bring any  sharp things.