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Swachchhata Abhiyan 2023-2024 [S.F.]

Oct 10, 2023

Report on Swachchhata Pakhawadia 2023.

Dt : 29/9/2023
As a part of the campaign for “Swachchhata Hi Seva”, Swachchhata Pakhawadia was
celebrated under the guidance of respected Principal Madam Dr. Jigishaben Parekh,
from 15th September to 2nd October in Sir V.D.T Girls’ High School (S.F.) to create
awareness among the students regarding cleanliness and for the same various
activities were conducted :
* Swachchhata Shapath was taken on the very first day of the pakhawadia.
* Guidance for cleanliness and sanitation given by Housekeeping Supervisor of
Vanita Vishram Campus Mrs.Seemaben.
* School and campus cleaning was done by students and staff members.
* Students participated enthusiastically in Poster making and speech on cleanliness
and hygiene practice, where the students realise the importance of cleanliness and
* A rally was organized by the students and the incharge teacher’s to create
awareness about cleanliness and hygiene.
The students were encouraged to keep the surrounding litter free, they were also
stimulated to spread the awareness about the same.
The incharge teacher’s for the event were :
[1] Dhruvi Gujraty
[2] Philomina Solanki
[3] Hinal Gandhi