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Students’ Council Election : 2023-2024 [S.F.]

Jul 22, 2023

Students’ Council Election : 2023-24

12 July, 2023
Sir V.D.T Girls’ High School (S.F.)
Vanita Vishram, Surat.

The election for the Students’ Council was held at Sir V.D.T Girls’ High School (SF) on 12th
July, 2023 Wednesday for the academic year 2023-24. Purpose for the election was to provide a
platform to the students to develop leadership qualities. Total 5 students enrolled their names for
the G.S and total 8 students enrolled their names for the V.G.S.The entire programme was
conducted by the team of our teachers Druviben Gujaraty, Krupeshbhai Naik, Shitalben Shihora,
Khushbuben Pathak under the guidance of the Principal Dr. Jigisha Parekh.

Name of the elected winners were as follow:

G.S.                       1)Joshi Hellery P. from 12 : K
Co. G.S                 2)Khan Aaliya from 12 : L
V.G.S.                   1)Madavat Vidhi from 11 : L
Co. V.G.S             2) Poonia Gayatri from 11 : K.